Who We Are

There comes a time in life when you have one of those aha moments and say enough is enough. That's what happened to us when we got tired of drinking mediocre, stale coffee. Seven Stones Roasters was born out of a desire for something better.

Our purpose is to connect and grow meaningful relationships with our customers through a shared passion for the pursuit of excellent coffee. We believe in raising an awareness about the many steps in the cultivation, processing, and preparation of coffee and the lives that are touched throughout the process.

We are focused on what it means to be handcrafted and the importance of following coffee from farm to cup. We roast in small batches and are meticulous in our refinement. For us, the inspiration lies in constantly striving to bring out the best that each coffee has to offer. Bringing an awareness to the unique flavor characteristics of each origin.

We're not just about coffee. We are interested in life. Our family is at the core of this project. Our hope is to demonstrate a business model that shows how a strong drive, purpose in what you do, and seeing a vision through, creates success on all levels. Always encouraging curiosity and a willingness to explore an idea and put it into action. We seek to foster the desire to create meaningful experiences that allow us to grow as the business grows.